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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Families/Employers
    • Once I find an applicant on the website I am interested in meeting, what's next?
    • The website is designed to assist Families/Employers find, screen and select candidates from the database of nanny + senior caregiver profiles. Once you have found some applicants you are interested in meeting you can subscribe as a member and access contact information. At this point you can contact these Nannies/Senior Caregivers to get more information and arrange interviews. You may contact by telephone , email or instant chat.
    • When I search for nannies/senior caregivers,I cannot completely match my profile. Why is this?
    • The website is designed to match you with suitable Nannies/Senior Caregivers based on several criteria. In the first stage of this process the matching criteria is quite general to ensure you have access to Nannies/Senior Caregivers who may meet most, but not all of your needs. This allows more flexibility in your choice of applicants. In the second stage you are given the option to fine tune your search.
  • Nannies and Senior Caregivers (local and overseas)
    • How do I contact families?
    • When you register on the website you will have numerous ways to contact the family. You may email, text chat or telephone those who meet your criteria. The family will contact you if they would like to meet.
    • Do I have to pay an placement or agency fee?
    • No, there is no placement fee to pay if you are registered as a Senior Caregiver or Nanny using the self serve website. If you subscribe to make contact with the families there is a subscription fee of $19.99 usd+tax for 2 mths access to the website service. We also offer you 6mth and 1 year subscriptions from the main website page. Note: after the subscription expires you will remain in our database as a registered caregiver, but will require a renewal to contact families for jobs.
  • Personalized Placement Services
    • What sets you apart from other agencies?
    • Angel911 is a division of Guardian Angel Care Inc. which has been providing personalized seniors placement services since 1996. We are experts in all facets of seniors and nanny care services. We understand the complexities involved in the recruiting, selection and hiring process. If you require one of our placement consultants to assist you in the process of hiring a caregiver on a 1 to 1 basis: send an email to
    • Where will caregivers originate?
    • Registered caregivers come from many sources. We recruit via our website, advertisements, job banks, employment placement services, job fairs and a well established nanny and caregiver relationships in our network.
    • What sort of placement guarantee do you provide?
    • Guardian Angelcare Of Canada Inc. provides a 1 month no charge live-in caregiver replacement guarantee and up to 3 additional caregiver referrals that you may contact for 1st 6 months of placement. The guarantee applies only when we recruit, select and assist in the placement of your live-in caregiver on a placement fee basis.
  • About this Website
    • Is there a fee to register on this site?
    • Initial registration is free of charge. When you register you create a profile which is stored in the database. This profile is accessible to registered families and caregivers to view. As a Family/Employer you can access contact information if you become a subscriber. Subscription costs $49.99 usd + tax and allows you unlimited access to contact information on all senior caregivers and nannies for 2. We also offer 6mth and 1 year subscriptions. Access Subscribe options from main website page.
    • How do I change my profile once I have registered?
    • As a registered user and Member you can access and change details on your profile. Once you have logged in as a registered user or member click the [profile] button at the top right hand side of the search results page. This will bring up your profile for viewing. Click on the [change] button. Once you have completed the changes click on the [confirm] button. If you want to change your email address please contact us by email.
    • How do I retrieve my password?
    • When you login as a registered user or member you can access your password by clicking on the "I lost my password" button. If you still cannot access your password please contact us by email.
  • Overseas Nannies and Senior Caregivers
    • Who pays for my air fare?
    • In most cases the nanny/senior caregiver is responsible for her own airfare to Canada or the US or any other country of the world.
    • How do I come to USA or Canada?
    • You will be required to have a job offer and be sponsored by the families you wish to work for.Overseas Nannies and Live In Caregivers can apply for Foreign Live In Caregiver status. Other countries like Australia, New Zealand and Japan have a reciprocal agreement with the Canadian Government to allow their citizens to come to Canada on a holiday work visa. These visas are processed in the caregivers country of origin and do not require an employer/sponsor. You will be required to comply with all the rules and regulations governed by the Country you live and and that you are interested in moving to.