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If you have experience or training as a caregiver this could be your ticket to a new life and permanent residence in one of the world's greatest countries Canada. Under the live-in caregiver program, the Government of Canada will allow you to be sponsored to work for a family in canada.

Under the program you would be required to work for a period of 24 months. After 24 months you can apply for a  permanent work visa and permission to bring your loved ones here to Canada.

Important Note:Before you can come to Canada you must find an employer who will sponsor you to provide live-in care services for their loved ones in their home. With your paid subscription you can make contact with as many families as you chose.  Register Today!
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Service Provided By Guardian Angel Care Inc. $17.95-23.95 CDN +hst per Hour If you are a family that would prefer to have our service division manage the live-out services, then contact our care coordinator at 905-567-7784 or email to